Mystical Mood

by Ron Wiseman

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Video: Waiting For A Miracle

Press Quotes

"The songwriting on Mystical Mood is excellent throughout: melodic and heartfelt with an intoxicating reggae vibe!”
- Reggae-Reviews

“Ron Wiseman’s album, its a good one, sounds like Bob Dylan doing a reggae album, Ron lyrics are great and the riddims too, I can feel that Ron loves and knows a lot about reggae music. “Mystical Mood” s a nice combination of Jewish, American, and Jamaican sound.”
- Dr Reggae- Tal Grubstein, Irie Lion

“Great combination of Jewish music & reggae that adds a fresh and exciting sound to my program on WNWR in Philadelphia.”
- Barry Reisman, WNWR AM 1540

I received Ron's CD and I must admit I really enjoyed his music. I have put 2 of his songs on my playlist. . Ron has a beautiful style of reggae and his lyrics are poetic and strike a chord with today’s situations: both religious and political. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to his music!”
- Ageel Shatry, One World Radio

“To say the least, Ron Wiseman is a unique talent in the world of reggae music. I will definitely add his music to my program”
- Mike Roots, WTBC Radio, Reggae Explorations

‘Blowing on the Coals’ – from Mystical Mood currently listed as #4 on the playlist of "REGGAE EXPLORATIONS" hosted by Mike Roots
WAPJ 89.9 & 105.1 FM, Torrington, CT USA

Ron Wiseman-Mystical Mood - Hailing from Toronto, Canada, artist Ron Wiseman has brewed up a quite interesting blend of reggae and Dylanesque lyrics (check out the lines "Talking 'bout the junkies fix the skinhead fist, and the planets course, The new Titanic and the instamatic and the Trojan horse" from "Modern idols", for example). Mr. Wiseman also plays all the keyboard parts (including a Hammond B3). The disc also features an oud ("Measure for Measure" and "Kedusha") as well as a clarinet (on the searing "Bribes"). "Kedusha"'s opening horn phrases lean heavilly on Jackie Mittoo's "Darker Shade Of Black" (cool ! ). While there are a few rockers and steppers, most of the songs are ska-inspired. - From Jah Radio

Wiseman's vocals are eerily similar to the late John Lennon, which, coupled with the well crafted chord changes (most, if not all the songs feature a verse-chorus and bridge, makes the disc fit nicely next to Lennon's reggae tinged "Double Fantasy" album (and, could quite conceivably pass as a follow up !). The overall production is clean and crisp, making for a very enjoyable disc overall. Not your fathers reggae, but worth 8 out of 10 stars nonetheless. - World Radio

From Jah Works - By Ted Boothroyd - Rating: A -
Alright, let’s get straight to the inevitable comparisons. Ron Wiseman is a Jewish reggae artist, emerging at a time when a similar curiosity, Matisyahu, is floating high on the charts – so the Johnny-come-lately must be an imitator, a copycat, right? Wrong. Matisyahu is primarily into dancehall, while Wiseman occupies a whole other niche in the reggae universe, a niche abounding in wonderful roots rhythms and bona fide singing. Besides, although Mystical Mood is only now widely available, it was recorded four years ago, so if there is any bandwagon-jumping, it relates only to the better distribution possibilities that I suspect have now opened up, not to the music itself.

So much for the Matisyahu resemblance. Let’s try early Bob Dylan. Like him, Wiseman fashions elusive metaphors and attention-grabbing images by building elaborate circles of simple, concrete words. Try this for example, from “Waiting for a Miracle”: “Attached to things you cannot have, sweet perfumes that will go bad, each one better than the last you had, and you think your sword of love will not defeat you.” Now consider Wiseman’s somewhat Dylanesque singing style, one that convinces us that he means what he says even when he’s being sly and abstract. So is Wiseman a reggaefied Dylan? Perhaps, but only in part, because not all Wiseman’s tracks fit that mold.

But if we’re going all the way back to early Dylan, why not branch off to Phil Ochs? He’s also a fit comparison, having written and performed songs that combined intelligent protest and topical commentary with dry wit and musical hooks. In songs like “Modern Idols” and “Bribes,” Wiseman offers a similar blend.

For a more contemporary comparison, how about Leonard Cohen? “There’s a war between the generals, a war between the chiefs, a war between the bridegrooms, a war between the sheets.” Cohen’s lyrics? Sorry, that’s from Wiseman’s powerful “Relatively Speaking.”

Want more comparisons? As I enjoy the clarinet and other teasing hints of klezmer within Mystical Mood, and especially when confronted by the meditative, devotional “Henaini,” I think of the Flying Bulger Klezmer Band, who sometimes slow down for something similar. On the other hand, most of the Wiseman’s arrangements are distinctly upbeat, and the CD’s most vigorous moments bring to mind The Pogues’ sizzling instrumental prowess, emphatic delivery and spirit of musical adventure.

But forget everyone else. Ron Wiseman is an amalgam, the product of his complex background, and his art is therefore influenced by those who came before. But he is himself. His tuneful, clever, affecting songs are performed with the skill necessary to please and the passion necessary to satisfy. And I’m delighted he chose such varied and strong reggae rhythms to support it all.
From Jah Works - By Ted Boothroyd - Rating: A -


released May 16, 2013

Marshmellow Records Recording Artist



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Ron Wiseman Israel

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Track Name: Measure for Measure
Songs Lyrics

In the place of your haughtiness you will be brought low
And every law that you transgress is going to bring another sorrow
This is the way the scales are set everything in just measure
You can add or detract or you might even
make things a little bit better and I say

Just weights and measures
Measure for measure

And if the rains refuse to fall you know there is a reason
And if we burn the book of rules the punishment is treason
Don't blame the heavens no, look into the mirror
And if you suffer you'll see it's so
You can see things a little clearer and I say


And if the accuser brings evidence and our fate is sealed forever
The judge can only set us free by raising an oppressor
So it will be until we see only he is our protection
And if you want to be redeemed
you got to earn a coin of redemption and I say


Don't worry my little child - Though it's dark it will get better
Our father will correct us all - Everyone in just measure
And I say

Track Name: Mystical Mood
Im in a mystical mood
In a mystical groove
It's a mystical vibe

You're eyes like candles
Swimming in the moonlight
We don't have to say a word
My heart is burning
And you are my fire
And we don't have to make a sound


The light of the moon is
Falling between us
A light I have known before

Where have I seen you
And how did I meet you
And why do I want you
More and more and more and more and

Bum bum bum bum bum bum biya x4



Track Name: Blowing on the Coals
Songs Lyrics

The hour is rapidly changing
Soon the gates will all be closed
They're blaming the messenger
For the message
And so the darkness
Grows and grows and grows

But I'm Blowing on the Coals x3
To keep the fire burning

Have you seen the sword of justice
Twisted and bent out of shape
Whose going to come
With his soul on fire
Bend it back and make it straight



Among the ruins of the temple
Among the thorns a flower grows
From a son
Whose searching for his father
From the ashes
Their's still a light that glows

Track Name: Relatively Speaking
Songs Lyrics

Their's a war between the currents
And the powers of control
The survival of the fittest
And survival of the soul

A war between the heroes
And whomever they can taint
Relatively speaking
There is no perfect saint

Relatively speaking x 3
There's a war
Relatively speaking x 3
There's a war

There's a war between the generals
A war between the chiefs
A war between the bridegrooms
A war between the sheets

A war between the rulers
And all the broken rules
Relatively speaking
Even mercy can be cruel



There's a war against the certian
A war against the sure
A war against the Holy
A war against the pure

A war between the pages
Between the twilight and the dawn
A war against all those who say
There is no right from wrong



Track Name: Waiting For A Miracle
Songs Lyrics

City sphinx of brick and bone
It's cold lights watching you alone
You stand under the starless night
But angels won't come out tonight
To greet you

The monuments of those who died
To build these graveyards to the sky
Are sinking and you wonder why
The ground you stand upon
Is still beneath you

And it's long past the time
The ships are sailing out and I'm
Waiting for some miracle to happen

The cities eyes that have no soul
And all that glitters takes it's toll
When once you were a messenger
Now nothing can get through
To even reach you

Attached to things you cannot have
Sweet perfumes that will go bad
Each one better than the last you had
And you think your sword of love
Will not defeat you

Track Name: Promised Land
Songs Lyrics

Bye Bye Babylon
I can't keep leading you on
Though my flesh still melts
At the touch of your hand
It's just not the Promised Land

I'm leaving all of this behind
Nothing here is really mine
Got to find my oasis in the sand
Back in the Promised Land

There's a judge and there's a trial
I'm hoping to exchange my file
If I can prove that
I can walk and I can stand
Within the Promised Land

I'm just a ghost
That's what I've become
Too much to taste
Will make you numb
Got to return
My body to my soul - if I still can
She's waiting in the Promised Land

Track Name: Running Dry
Songs Lyrics

Too Late
The tide is turning
Look all around
The river is running dry
And what will we do
If there's no water
What will we do
If there's no water

Look up
I heard a robin sigh
Look at the world
Iron chains accross the sky
And what will we do?
If there's no freedom
What'll we do
If there's no water

And there will come a time
When there will be no more crying
But now we stand between the tides
And the river is running dry
Track Name: Hennani
Songs Lyrics

Henaini, here I am, Henaini
Here I am, Henaini, Henaini
What do you want of me
What can I give to thee
If there is more, more than I can be
For what am I next to thee
I'm but a drop in the sea
But when you call I will answer thee, Henaini.


Oh Israel you're bride to be
She is calling to me
And I will answer faithfully
And if I must stand before my enemies
You alone are my security
And I will say, as my fathers did before me


For what am I next to thee
What do I have that you haven't given me
So when you call I will answer thee
Track Name: Kedusha
Songs Lyrics

What is the way that leads to happiness
What is the kind of work that brings one rest
What is the house that dwells within the home
What is the song that can't be sung alone
Ahh - Kedusha

How come the highest mountain's made so low
What is the secret only servants know
What is the chain that's made from strings of pearls
What is the knot that's tied between two worlds
Ahh - Kedusha

And the knower of all mysteries
He has given us all a key
And the secret is locked inside this word
Ahh - Kedusha


What is the sound your soul would like to hear
What is the voice that whispers in your ear
What is the word that words can't even speak
What is the hand that no man can defeat
Ahh - Kedusha

What is the plan thats planted in the seed
What is concealed within a simple deed
What is the flame from where the fire's born
What is the cloth that burns but isn't torn
Track Name: Modern Idols
Songs Lyrics

Talking bout the junkies fix and the skinheads fist and the planets course
And the new titanic and the instamatic and the Trojan horse
And they make them out of clay
They make them out of words philosophers say
And in the end your all alone and your flesh turn to bone
And it fades away and I say
These - Are the Modern Idols

And they worship the State, their wealth
And their pleasure and their power and their pain
And they worship themself
Their birth and their health and the size of their brain
And they say the Divine
Ain't nothing but the image of their own design
But they can't seem to wish away the big black cloud
Where the sun used to shine and I say
These - Are the Modern Idols

They say a cultured man
Is the symbol of emancipation
And they pray to the gods of science for salvation
But while the symphony plays the SS sprays poison gas
They say a cultured man has only learned to kill
With a touch of class and I say
These - Are the Modern Idols
Track Name: Bribes
Songs Lyrics

Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise
Just a taste you tell yourself
It's just one time
It's nothing more
Then it's two, and three, and four
Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise

Forbidden fruit it tastes so sweet
You love to lie and tell yourself why
It's really meant to eat
Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise
Track Name: Jericho
Songs Lyrics

Take what you want the possesions you posses
And the secrets - buried in your chest
And see how much you can carry
Over this wall
Take everything you see, every apple on the tree
It's no sin, to be persuaded easily
Hurry and hide it all - over that wall

And when the rain comes and the storm clouds grow
Where you going to be when the trumpets blow?
Will you be safe inside the walls of Jericho?
Does nobody fall behind the walls of Jericho?

Take what you can, you can conquer every land
Take your sacs go fill them up full of sand
They say 'Freedom waits for us all' just over that wall.
Take your horses and let them all run wild
Take your judges and put them all on trial
Build ourself a castle that will never fall - just over that wall.

And when the rain comes and the storm clouds grow
Where you going to be when the trumpets blow?
Will you be safe inside the walls of Jericho?
Does nobody fall behind the walls of Jericho?
Track Name: We Are the Prophecy
Songs Lyrics

We are the prophecy
The sages said a long time ago
From a barren desert a spring will flow
We are the prophecy
And though we've been scattered in every direction
From the four corners we'll bring the redemption
We are the prophecy - La, la..

We are the prophecy
The hour is late there's no time for sleeping
Lift up your eyes and stop all your weeping
We are the prophecy - La, la..

And all the kings horses and all the kings men
They can't stop the tide from turning under them
We are the prophecy - La, la..

As it was in the beginning, so it will always be
We are the prophecy