Anthology Volume Two

by Ron Wiseman

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released May 25, 2013



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Ron Wiseman Israel

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Track Name: All That is Mine
Songs Lyrics

I don't want your gold
And I don't want you throne
And I don't want your crown, though it looks fine.
All I really want - Is what is mine

And I don't want your praise
And I don't want your fame
And I don't want your look - though you like fine
All I really want - Is what is mine

Cause the eye is never satisfied with what it sees
And it only brings you pain and misery
Oh but if I can bind my heart and mind
I will finally see - more than I could ever
Dream in my mind - when you show me all
All that is mine

La,di da
And in the end - when I leave this world behind
All I will have is what is mine


And I don't want your fire
And I don't want your desire
And I don't want your kiss - though it tastes like wine
All I will have is what is mine

La,di da
Track Name: Bribes
Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise
Just a taste you tell yourself
It's just one time
It's nothing more
Then it's two, and three, and four
Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise

Forbidden fruit it tastes so sweet
You love to lie and tell yourself why
It's really meant to eat
Bribes - Blind the eyes of the wise
Track Name: Bring Them Home
They see the rod but do they know the smiter
They see the uprising but do they know the inciter
Ah is there ayone among the Nation
Who could lead this generation
And bring the children home - once again

They curse their burden
But do they see the taskmaster
They curse their problems
But do they seek the answer
They feel the heat but do they see the sunshine
They drive so fast but can they read the road signs
They witness crimes but do they understand them
The dogs run free but is there anyone to command them
Track Name: Hang On
If your feeling lost and alone
And you got no place to go baby just hang on
Cause there's a place that I know
Where we can go
And the wine cups overflow
Baby just hang on - said Oh Hang On

Cause they will try and reject you and correct you
But you got to be strong
Baby just hang on
You don't have to be anything
Just what you got to know is whats real and what is not
Baby just hang on - Said Oh Hang On

Reach out your hand and I will lead you
Together we'll find shelter from the storm
I will never ever leave you
Said Oh Hang On

They will try and reduce you and confuse you
But you get to be strong baby just hang on
You don't have to fit in - or be like him
He ain't got what you got going on - baby just hang on
Said oh Hang On

Maybe Baby some of them might hurt you
Please don't let it make you hard
If your fallin call me and I will catch you
Said Oh Hang On
Track Name: Running Dry
Too Late
The tide is turning
Look all around
The river is running dry
And what will we do
If there's no water
What will we do
If there's no water

Look up
I heard a robin sigh
Look at the world
Iron chains accross the sky
And what will we do?
If there's no freedom
What'll we do
If there's no water

And there will come a time
When there will be no more crying
But now we stand between the tides
And the river is running dry
Track Name: Promised Land
Bye Bye Babylon
I can't keep leading you on
Though my flesh still melts
At the touch of your hand
It's just not the Promised Land

I'm leaving all of this behind
Nothing here is really mine
Got to find my oasis in the sand
Back in the Promised Land

There's a judge and there's a trial
I'm hoping to exchange my file
If I can prove that
I can walk and I can stand
Within the Promised Land

I'm just a ghost
That's what I've become
Too much to taste
Will make you numb
Got to return
My body to my soul - if I still can
She's waiting in the Promised Land

Track Name: Tribes
Songs Lyrics

Talking 'bout Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation
Yehuda the Lion - He's conquering the Land
Menashe, Ephraim, Binyamin and Gad
Reuvain, Shimon, Asher and Dan
Talking 'bout Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation

This is the generation of one Nation under the sun
Made up of many tribes joined together as one
Coming from the east, coming from the west
Coming with nothing and coming with the best
Coming in ships, coming in planes
You ask them why, they can't explain
Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation

From the valley of Megiddo where they first died
I see them coming alive, one by one, before my eyes
Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation

As it was in the past, in the ancient days
Nothing really much has changed today
Maybe its part of the masters plan
That only He can understand
All I can do is the best I can
And build my section of my tribal Land
Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation

And even though they look like this and they look like that
From the tatooed ones to the furry hats
No matter where you go your always going to come back
Cause you can't run away from the place your at
Tribes - The Tribes of my Nation
Track Name: Metzarim
Even a donkey knows it's master but my people cannot see
They who were once princes now associates of thieves
For their weighted down with a thirst that even an ocean can't relieve
I gave them my whole kingdom but they ran back - to the Metzarim

Oh your leaders a re like foxes forever chasing their own tails
Those who once feared you now walk freely from your jails
When you rescue your own brother then maybe my face it will be seen
But I gave you so many choices and all you chose was - the Metzarim

The Metzarim where I pulled you from
And nations envied you for what I'd done
Metzarim where I set you free
And i made you a symbol of how great a man can be
And I held you high and protected you
And I carried you on eagles wings
But all you did was run back - to the Metzarim

Oh you who were the lamb that roared and made injustice flee
Now you persecute the victim and let murderers run free
I led you in a pillar of fire and from a rock I made a stream
But you always were more impressed
With the magicians back - in the Metzarim

Oh you think you finally see
But they say a slave doesn't really dream of being free
He only dreams of being on top in a world that has grown mean
And being somebody else's master in the Metzarim
Track Name: Sound of War
You didn't hear
The sound of war
From the border town
Do you hear it now
From the city streets
You didn't care
To throw out families
From the homes they built
How dos it feel right now
To be a refugee

Ahh - And you wonder whats happening here
Ahh - How did this come to be
When you even offered your own brother
And you wonder why your still not free

You didn't hear the
The wolves that howled
When you turned your back
Do you hear them now
When you count the lambs
That they've attacked
You didn't see the hand above
Nor the hand below
Do you see it now
When your reaping everything you sowed


You didn't waste
A night of sleep
On your abandoned child
Do you still feel safe
When its your night now
Thats falling down
You didn't heed
All those who warned
You of your evil plan
Are you wiser now
With your head
Stuck in the sand

Track Name: You and Me
Well if I'm not who you think I am girl
Who are you waiting for
And if I'm not what you want in a man girl
I guess I can't give you more

But for me
There is no poverty
There's no excitment I wish to see
There's just love between you and me
And I see there's no place
I would rather be
There's only life and life only
And the love between you and me

And if I'm not like the other guys girl
I'll tell you just why that is
Cause your lookin at the world outside girl
What's hers and what is his


Well if you can't be the way you are girl
Then who are you going to be
And if you become a big star girl
Will you still keep me company

Track Name: Bonus Track - Redemption Song
Every battle brings us closer to the King
There's a light beyond the darkness
That we will bring
The mighty Pharoah and all the kings of Babylon
They rose so high and then they fell and
Now they are gone

Ahh - But we are your children
The remnant of your Nation
Ahh - Can you hear us calling
Ahh - We're crying for redemption - now

The wicked rise up like the waves of a troubled sea
They only serve to shape the rock of eternity
And we are the lambs led to the alter as an offering
But in the end we will rejoice and we will sing