Ron Wiseman Live

by Ron Wiseman

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Organ: Andrew Rikowski Piano: Ron Wiseman Guitar: Keith McKie Drums: Michael Paoli Percussion: Al Bass: Neil Gertler


released May 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Ron Wiseman Israel

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Track Name: Age of Cancer
Songs Lyrics

This is the age of cancer - creeping through the borders
Breaking down defenses from within
This is the age of cancer - occupying the body
Confusing all the issues of the soul
Oh and they say they'll pay us for digging our own graves
So they all come running saying look at the fortunes we've made
Then their told to dig faster - cause it's the age of cancer
And the band plays on

This is the age of cancer giving birth to more decay
Giving license for the victims to be slayed
This is the age of cancer whose cure cannot be found
For it feeds on indifference and delay
Oh and the doctors say its under control
As they look from their window and it eats away at their soul
And they starve as they grow fatter for its the age of cancer
And the band plays on

Oh and my sister shes sitting over there
And she sings and she plays and she lights her little candles everywhere
But it don't really matter - cause its the age of cancer
And the band plays on
Track Name: When the Bears Come to Hug You
Songs Lyrics

Oh the enemy comes under the sign of salvation
But the people don't recognize him - nor his evil intention
And they say - why should we fear when they say we love you
Well I say - Oh you better beware when the bears come to hug you
You know they don't really love you

Oh the inquisitor arrives with his new world religion
He's got the pope and the terrorist - together on his mission


Oh the suicide ball - going to be a big celebration
The executioner smiles - when he receives his invitation

Track Name: Hennaini
Songs Lyrics

Henaini, here I am, Henaini
Here I am, Henaini, Henaini
What do you want of me
What can I give to thee
If there is more, more than I can be
For what am I next to thee
I'm but a drop in the sea
But when you call I will answer thee, Henaini.


Oh Israel you're bride to be
She is calling to me
And I will answer faithfully
And if I must stand before my enemies
You alone are my security
And I will say, as my fathers did before me


For what am I next to thee
What do I have that you haven't given me
So when you call I will answer thee
Track Name: Increasing Wisdom
Songs Lyrics

You can talk about fighting for your rights
I don't care much for rights I'd rather have obligations
You can say you've been sold and you want back your gold
But you and I know your just a slave of your own temptations
You can't lie to me about His-story and Her-story
Or My-story Cause you know - I'm a witness

Long ago I held the law and you saw and you said
You'd rather pursue your own interests
You can say your a dove - a terrorist of love
But it's funny how you always exspect me to protect you
Instead of gratitude I get an attitude - You say i'm cruel
And I'm a bigger fool - Cause I even let you

And there's nothing new under the sun - it's all the same
Increasing wisdom - Increases pain

Well you can talk about unity and you and me and one nation of brotherhood
Well that's good but what exactly is the meaning of your mission
You say you want to right all the wrongs - you learned your protest songs
But was it really he or she or them or it who put you under these conditions

You talk about the new world order - You want to remove all the borders
Definitions and religions and then maybe you'll be satisfied
You want to give rights to everybody even those who don't give rights to others
You call them your brothers but the truth is they've really got you terrified


Now the people of the book become the people of the checkbook
Blaming all their problems on the only one who really could have saved them
The tragedy my friend is what happens now happened then
Even so you don't want to know
You'd rather make the same mistakes - And pay for them

The ones who once revealed the invisible sadly become practitioners of ritual
Blaming the stick instead of seeing the hand that shakes it
Terrified of what the nations say - Instead of fearing the one to whome they pray
Blaming Him for the promise He keeps - While they continually break it

And in His anger he sent a King and in His wrath He took him away
Because we didn't want to listen to the words he had to say
So now were being sentenced
Divine glory must be revealed - Upon our flesh it will be sealed
Even among those who have not yet - Grasped the meaning of repentence


A Nation comanded to dwell alone - How good it is to be free
To study the meaning of the burden that I carry
The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the L-rd - He ain't no Santa Clause
He carries a sword and brother it's scary
You know the missiles will continue to fall if we don't heed the call
And return to learn about the beauty of the Kingdom - that we are heir to

But some would rather die under this foreign sun than to be
What they were born to become - to give of themselves
They say no we don't really care to

Track Name: Scoundrels
Songs Lyrics

How satisfying to condemn the culprits
Who only act reflexively of your sin
But tell me who's the one who let them in - are you not him?
How simple to sigh and say it's not you nor I
But do nothing but cry about the destoyers from within
Are you not him?

Throw out the scoundrels
Throw out the scoundrels now
Take back the land with your own hand
If you won't do it I'll show you how

How foolish to have faith in the ones who hate
You dare to demand for the devil who destroyed your little dove
Was it not your misplaced love?
How pitifull to pray for the annointed one each day
While you bury your dead and you say the masters are cruel
But you allow them to rule

Track Name: Promised Land
Songs Lyrics

Bye Bye Babylon
I can't keep leading you on
Though my flesh still melts
At the touch of your hand
It's just not the Promised Land

I'm leaving all of this behind
Nothing here is really mine
Got to find my oasis in the sand
Back in the Promised Land

There's a judge and there's a trial
I'm hoping to exchange my file
If I can prove that
I can walk and I can stand
Within the Promised Land

I'm just a ghost
That's what I've become
Too much to taste
Will make you numb
Got to return
My body to my soul - if I still can
She's waiting in the Promised Land

Track Name: Son of a Prophet
Songs Lyrics

Im a son of as prophet but a fatherless child
An ace in the hole but the jokers gone wild
A watchman's friend but my boat keeps sinkin
In the lions den I can't get much sleepin but I try

And I try and I try
Just don't think I'm going to make it baby, oh no

At the touch of your hand
It's just not the Promised Land

I'm a water from the well but there's a hole in the bucket
I'm a rich man's friend but I don't really want it
I'm a lonely boy looking for his lover
But it's hard to see when your working under cover

Track Name: Sweet Angel
Songs Lyrics

Sweet Angel you rescued me in the night
I saw you from a distance you drew me into your light
It was you who gave me shelter and led me to the place
Where the fountain springs eternal and beauty has no face
Sweet angel you renewed me with your breath
You reached into my inner being and saved me from my death

And though the mountains crumble beneath my feet
I will not tremble no I will not weep
For what you have given me today I can't forget
No, I'm forever in your debt

Sweet Angel with your kisses like prayers
And your coat of many colors and your beauty beyond compare
How did you find me how did this come to be
I didn't even know I was looking for you
Or you were looking for me
Sweet Angel you put our the raging fire
That blinded me and seperated me from my true desire


Sweet Angel with the rope braids in your hair
And the beams of light a shining from the silver star you wear
How can I repay you for the riches you bestow
I have nothing here of value compared to the jewels you hold
Sweet Angel you unlocked the heavenly gate
My soul flie up into your arms where the angels congregate

Track Name: Final Revolution
Songs Lyrics

Oh the far off flashes of lightning
Serve to warn of the doom that's approaching
And the prophets return to inform them
But they blame and defame and they scorn them
And the winds of destruction are blowing
But the candles resist them by glowing
And as the cloaks of deception are lifted
And the pearls in the sands are sifted
And the houses are filled with learning
And the six million souls are returning

And it's the final revolution
And it's the oldest one of all
And it's the final evolution
Between the mighty and the small

And the battle will not be fought with flowers
Nor by those who dwell in ivory towers
But in the desert where the heat grows hotter
And the should reach out for water
Between the hearts and the mind that it opposes
Between the law of the land and the law of Moses
Between Goliath and the sons of David
Between what's sordid and what is sacred
Between the seekers of truth and the heartless
The holy sparks against a multitude of darkness


And when the fire submits to the candle
And the pot is as great as it's handle
And when pride is not cherished as a virtue
And when modesty is not seen as a curfew
And when the rich are known as the faithful
And the poor are seen as the ungrateful
And the phantom refugees of falsehood
Who demand their imaginary statehood
From the soul of it's rightful ruler
Who would have sold his birthright much sooner
Had it not been for the fighters of the ghetto
And for the oil that still burns in the temple
But it's better to be divided in the battle
Than to be slaughtered together like cattle
And the victims who despise their own religion
And who plead with the torturer to inflict them
They will be lost in the battle to resist them
And indifference is the gateway to extinction
For they are starving in a land of plenty
With foreign gods they feast and still their empty
But the children of a lost generation
Have returned to rebuild the Holy Nation